Four flamingo shaped ball point pens
Flamingo shaped ball pen in bubblegum
Flamingo shaped ball pen in cherry red
Flamingo shaped ball pen in taffy pink
Flamingo shaped ball pen in watermelon pink
Four flamingo ball pens with 0.7 mm tip

Creative Wooden Flamingo Ball Point Multi-Functional Pen, 4 colors

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Make writing fun with this artistic Wooden Flamingo Ball Point Pen. This ballpoint pen is carved from wood and has a beautiful flamingo design with hooked beak. Its 0.7 mm point tip gives smooth handwriting and an effortless writing experience. The wooden flamingo body gives a comfortable grip to hold the pen. The vivacious, tropical bird pen inspires you to be creative and make for a nice gifting option too. This multi-function pen is a great gifting idea for birthday, farewell or promotion. The wooden pen is suitable for use in homes and offices.

Product Features:

Type: Ballpoint pen

Writing point: 0.7mm

Promotional pen type: Multi-function pen

Body type: Animal

Material: Wood


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